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Ethnic Touch

Ethnic motifs can be used in art, inlays, sculpture and even on wardrobes. Interestingly, the ethnic textile furnishings are immensely popular. The raw earthy feel of traditional African designs which predominantly include flowers,creepers design, geometrical shapes render a soothing artistic effect to the entire interior setting. 

Additionally, a blend of fabrics can also be used and then beautified using different tools and motifs, like batik prints, holland wax, hand block prints, tie and dye, embossing and so on. Cushion covers or pillow being one of the most common or rather an essential coverlet can play a vital role in developing a specific taste for a given space. 

Ethnic cushion covers add an earthy appeal to the whole setting. Team them up with hand embroidered sofa covers and bed covers and watch your soft furnishings bloom up your interiors in the most exotic manner.To enhance the overall look and appeal of the house one would need a schematic combination of hard furnishings and soft furnishings. Thus, both of these play an important part in decking up the house.

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